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As a local commercial roofing company located in Northeastern Colorado, Elements Roofing is prepared to take on virtually any project you can throw our way. We’re fully licensed, insured and bonded. We’ve been satisfying commercial, agricultural and industrial roofing customers in and around Denver, Aurora, Fort Morgan and Sterling for more than 10 years.  

Our warranties, premium service, and long track record of happy, loyal customers means your business will have maximum protection. My team always goes the extra mile to make sure your company can keep running with little or no disruption, no matter why you called us.


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Denver & Aurora Commercial Roofers Provide Quality Workmanship & Customer Satisfaction

When you hire a commercial roofing contractor, you expect them to show the same commitment to getting the job done right and done on time that you feel. And as a small business owner, I’m right there with you. 

That’s why our commercial roofers strive to exceed your expectations every time. We wouldn’t accept anything less from a commercial roofing company that we would hire. I’m a lifelong member of this community. Our reputation is key to our success. You have my word that we’ll never provide anything less than the best we’re capable of, at a reasonable price.

We emphasize service, excellence and expert roofing knowledge. That’s why businesses ranging from Stabucks to your local mom and pop lawn care service depend on us. We offer service and maintenance, installation of metal roofing systems, waterproofing, access to the latest in durable coatings, and more. 

Whether you need a full replacement or a simple repair, reach out to us today. Let us help you protect your farm or business from the Colorado elements.

Commercial Roofing Repair & Replacement

Elements’ commercial repair and replacement teams are specifically trained and specialize in commercial roofing systems of all types. We are 100% self-performing on all jobs and have the expertise to get it done right. 

In addition, we have a long track record of working with insurance carriers, so if you call us early in the process, we can help make sure you receive the fairest settlement available. This includes finding insurance-covered damage that might be overlooked by other inspectors.

We provide expert leak investigation and repair, with years of experience and training to understand flat roof water dynamics and intrusion.  

When you work with us, we’ll be sure to maintain the existing roof warranty where possible. As a licensed applicator of most major manufacturer’s roof systems, we’re qualified to perform renovations, upgrades and repairs to warranted and non-warranted systems. 

Owners of more than one facility may also benefit from our preventative maintenance programs and service contracts, as well as regular budget reporting and projections of repair or replacement costs.

Remember, many commercial roofing materials manufacturers require you to have a preventative maintenance program for your business’ roof. Some offer warranty extensions if you have a plan in place. Therefore, a modest up front investment on a preventative maintenance plan, can save you big money over the lifetime of your roof.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Building Materials

Elements Roofing provides the following industrial roofing contractor materials, fully covered by manufacturers’ warranties and our own workmanship guarantees.

TPO Roof Coating – Because it’s weather resistant, and holds up to potential damage like animals and debris exceedingly well, Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is one of the most common industrial roofing materials. Along with PVC, TPO is more and more popular because its white color reflects sunlight and resists UV damage, making it very energy efficient and durable.

If installed and maintained by an experienced commercial roofing contractor, TPO can last for 30 years or longer. This method of installation gives you more options for roof insulation than most other industrial roofing materials. It is also very fire resistant, and it’s reflectivity keeps your attic or warehouse cool. 

Elastomeric Coating – Elastomeric coating is a thick, flexible waterproofing material, designed to protect your roof. It’s about 10 times thicker than paint, and can therefore bridge hairline cracks to provide an airtight seal. 

Because it is suitable for use with popular building materials in our area like stucco and masonry, an elastomeric coating is a good option for Colorado. It is applied as a liquid, and bonds to the structure as it dries, but retains the ability to flex as the building beneath it flexes. It can be tinted to a variety of colors, is mold and mildew resistant. TPO stands up well to harsh chemicals as well, maintaining an appealing look. 

Elastomeric coating is heat resistant and will help to improve the energy efficiency of your building. Like TPO, it’s UV resistant for long-term durability.

Metal Roofing Systems & Coatings – . Because they are very durable and fire resistant, extremely customizable, and – with proper installation and maintenance – can provide decades of trouble-free protection, metal roofs are a long time fallback material for industrial, farm and commercial roofing contractors. 

Today’s metal roofing is a quantum leap beyond the corrugated tin barn roofs of the past. We offer tin, zinc, aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel options in dozens of colors. You also have a wide choice of configurations, from traditional standing seam construction to metal shingles fabricated to mimic wooden shakes or clay tiles. Scalloped edges or any number of additional designs are available. Your new metal roof can be both beautiful and long-lasting.

Call us for advice, pricing, and recommendations for metal roof systems.

Rubber Roofing – EPDM (or rubber roofing) is perfectly suited for commercial construction. Because it boasts a lifetime cost of about 10% less than other commercial roof coatings to install and maintain, EPDM has become common on flat and low slope roofs. When compared to modified bitumen roofing it offers a cleaner look and is safer to install.

Materials for Flat Roofs – Low slope or flat roofs are extremely common in the commercial and industrial market spaces. They’re modern in appearance, cost-effective, and quicker and easier to install or repair than pitched roofs.

Elements offers a large selection of flat roofing materials and coatings, including rubber PVC, bitumen, modified bitumen and built-up roofing. Color choices are available, but most Colorado building owners stick with a white roof or coating to keep energy costs under control.

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