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Local Roof Repair Contractors

Mar 30, 2021 | ROOFING

There are a lot of reasons why it makes more sense to use a local roof repair contractor like Elements when you have a roofing problem, rather than calling an out of town company. 

For one thing, if a company has been around awhile and working in your area, they’re more likely to be invested into the community. That means they buy from other companies in town. They hire locally. It’s easy to check their references to confirm they have a solid reputation. 

It also means that if there’s a problem with any of the work they do, like warranty work, they’ll be around to fix it. They’re less likely to treat you like a line on a profit and loss statement, and just disappear after making the sale.

Always Choose a Local Roof Repair Contractor

We all know North Eastern Colorado’s weather can be crazy unpredictable. Besides making scheduling a bit of a headache, this can also effect the materials you select for your repair. 

Knowledge of the local climate can be super helpful when it’s time to make recommendations for how to take care of whatever is going on with your roof system.

Does your town have confusing building codes? Ours does! You know who is great at understanding these codes and working around them? Local roof repair contractors. With any luck they’ll have good relationships with the city inspectors and officials, and know the ins and outs of your town’s rules and regulations.

Local building codes

In our case, besides knowing local building codes and regs, we also have years of expertise working with insurance companies. We know a lot of the local agents you’ll be dealing with, and have good relationships with them. Elements is often able to get you the best deal possible, finding and defending items for your claim that the agents miss.

If you’ve been around through a few storm seasons, you know that one of the scourges of our industry is storm chasing. That’s when out of town companies come through after a storm with fancy door hangers and brochures, and make a bunch of promises about getting you great deals on roof repairs. 

Here’s their dirty little secret though. They’ll offer you a cut rate price, but a lot of them aren’t bonded or licensed in Colorado. So if something goes wrong, or they make a mistake on your job, they can just skip town leaving you high and dry (or maybe not so dry if it’s a roof repair they messed up!).

That’s why your best bet for roof repairs is to go with a local company with a great reputation, like Elements Roofing.

How do you find a good local roof repair contractor?

So you see the water damage spreading on your ceiling. You know you’ve had pretty serious rain and stormy season. You always try to hire local when you can. 

But where do you start?

You’d think that a local roofer would be pretty easy to choose, but there are so many options! Here are a few ideas to help you get the ball rolling on this big decision.

  • They will have already done work in the local community. Ask your friends and neighbors about the quality of their work.  Even more important: ask about their customer service. If they have a bad reputation around town, you’ll hear about it. 
  • Check your phone book. Yes, they still exist! A roofing company that is settled in your area will have a local office and can be found in the phone book. They should also be registered with your County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Google them. Use keywords that include your city’s name and the words “local roof repair contractor.” Be wary of fly-by-night companies that have Google Ads posted, but don’t have a real presence in your area.
  • Avoid websites that exist only to find roofers for you. They make money by selling ads to roofing companies, so there’s no quality control to post their phone number. Even the BBB does this.
  • Check with your Facebook friends. Possibly even more so than in person, you can leverage your online friends and acquaintances to help you find the right company to fix your roof. 
  • Also remember, Facebook is a powerful local search engine in its own right. Search for “your city, roofing company,” then check the pages for the results that turn up. Does the company interact with the community? Do they have likes and follows? Are there good reviews? Do they respond to bad reviews?

Never cut yourself short by skimping on research for the right construction company. Your roof protects your family and future. It safeguards your home. It’s worth the time to find the best fit for your unique issue.

For more information and to get a free consultation call your most trusted local roof repair company at 303-477-0288.