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A Roofing Contractor You Can Count On.

Elements Roofing is the area’s leading exteriors specialist, providing roofing services for Denver, Aurora, Sterling, Ft. Morgan and more. 

In 2009, Isaac Holguin decided to apply his background in construction services to providing roof repairs and installation, seamless gutters, and siding repairs to underserved rural communities in Northeastern Colorado. 

In 2010, Elements service area expanded completing our first projects in Denver and Aurora. Our goal was to become the first answer on everyone’s mind when they asked “Who are the best roofers in my area?” for northeastern colorado. 

“Growing up in the Sterling area instilled in me a sense of pride and commitment to community. Now I want to bring my uncompromising workmanship, high quality materials, and attentive customer service to your roofing project.” — Isaac Holguin: Owner, Elements Roofing 

We understand that your home is your most valuable investment, and your family’s most important shelter.

That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing our brand of reliable roofing, gutters, and siding repairs and installation to your home.

Over Years In Business

Shingles Laid

Roof Repair, Storm Damage & Insurance

When another storm has passed through, and you and your family are safe, it’s time to turn your attention to repairing the damage your home has sustained, and starting the process of filing insurance claims for the restoration.

Don’t wait to get started. The longer you wait to hire a professional roofing contractor, the more time water has a chance to cause further damage to your roof, your framing… even your drywall and interior finishes. 

We provide roof shingle repair services for residential roofs of all sizes, slopes and materials. If you suspect your roof has sustained storm damage, call us immediately – the longer you wait, the more costly your repair can become. 

Elements Roofing has experienced insurance specialists on staff, with a proven track record of high-quality repairs and successful roof insurance claim projects. We understand the unseen damage leaks and floods can cause, and are equipped to step in to help bring your home back to life as quickly and responsively as possible.

Our speed, responsivness and experience makes us the answer to your question “who are the best roofers near me?”

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Signs You May Need to Start Searching for “Roofers in My Area.”

Remember: not seeing water inside your home is no guarantee that your roof has escaped unharmed. There are visible signs of damage that you can see for yourself, to see if you need to start searching the internet for “the best roofer near me.” 

While you might be tempted to climb onto the roof yourself, we discourage homeowners from taking this task upon themselves and instead call 970-522-7636 for a free inspection by trained, professional roofers. If you are particularly curious, see what you can assess from ground level using a pair of binoculars rather than taking this unnecessary risk. 

Signs of Damage

When wind speed exceeds 50 miles per hour, they’re classified as “damaging winds.” Damaging winds are commonly associated with severe thunderstorms and are often called “straight line,” winds to separate them from tornadoes. More than 50% of severe weather events in our area bring damaging winds with them. 

  1. Missing Shingles – Previously cracked or peeling shingles are the main culprits for missing shingles in a windstorm. While roofing materials manufacturers cover winds in their warranties, the durability estimate is based on the roof being relatively new and well-maintained. 
  2. Visible Granule Loss – While granule loss is common and to be expected, loss due to storm damage is unique. You will see missing granules in horizontal lines where the shingle seal has broken. 
  3. Visible Water Infiltration – If you see water damage to your ceiling, chances are the shingles, and the underlayment or decking are damaged. Typically this is due to wind damage, but hail and debris are often culprits as well.
  4. Missing or Hail-Damaged Shingles – Hail can damage shingles that were in good shape before the storm hit. Even if they haven’t blown away, they may still be damaged enough to require replacement. Look for round dents and spider web cracks. 
  5. Clogged or Broken Gutters and Downspouts – Clean your gutters often, and especially directly after a storm. If you have a clogged or broken gutter the water can drain directly into the building footings, damaging the foundation and weakening the structure itself. Check downspouts for bending, splits or dislocations.
  6. Signs of Water Damage – Standing water after a storm can cause real problems for your roof and siding. Even supporting elements can be damaged. If you are seeing water damage even where there’s no visible shingle damage, look for pooling water on the roof and check around your flashing and vent pipes.
  7. Visible Attic Issues and Moisture – Look for mold and mildew, damp insulation and warped plywood to indicate where you might be getting water damage in your attic, which will eventually reach the main area of the house if left uncorrected.

To find out more or to schedule your free roof inspection call 970-522-7636 today.

Seamless Gutters & Siding

From minor gutter repairs to complete seamless gutter installations, our team will help put rainwater in its place – far away from your home.

For more than 10 years, our expert exterior specialists have handled the full range of seamless gutter repair and installation services. Featuring a seamless design, our replacement gutters efficiently direct water away from your home, protecting your foundation, basement, framing, siding and interior. 

Whether you need debris cleared, replacement of fallen sections, new gutter guards, or an entire system, we have you covered. Because our stylish, durable gutters are seamless, they’re less prone to clogging as there are no joints where branches and leaves can accumulate. 

Seamless gutters are less leaky, require less maintenance, and are custom fit to your home ensuring excellent performance and a beautiful, finished look.

Siding Repair & Installation

When it comes to curb appeal, nothing speaks quite as loudly as the siding on your house. Choose the right material, and people will notice. Even better, a high-quality siding material can make a huge positive impact on your energy bills. From maintenance free vinyl, to sturdy aluminum, and long-lasting, stylish hardie board, Elements Roofing has the materials and expertise to make your home and your energy bills more attractive. 

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Client Testimonials

These days you get what you pay for. This company is proven, reliable and dedicated to helping people get their roofs squared away. They are truly one of the top roofers near me in Ft. Morgan. 


When I needed my house roofed I contacted Elements Roofing. In less than two weeks they came out and completed the work in one day. The work was excellent and dealing with them was easy and painless. I would give Elements five stars and highly recommend using them. They have proven themselves to be the top roofers near me!


I was researching roofers in my area, and found these guys on the internet. They truly Great guys and awesome customer service. Always places the customer first! That’s what makes them the best roofer near me!


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