Elements roofing work site with trucks. Working with insurance agents is a specality of ours.Steps to get an insurer to pay for your home roof repair or replacement.

  1. A certified roof inspector can identify all storm damage.
  2. Have detailed documents and ensure photos are taken.
  3. A good roofing company will meet with you and the agent.
  4. Ask your agent to clarify questions as you review your policy.
  5. Keep all receipts.

Hire a local roofing company. Emergency roof replacement can be costly and an Elements Roofing insurance claims specialist can help. Storm and hail damage is a main factor for people getting new roofs in Sterling and Logan County. We use the same methods that insurance adjusters do to determine the damage to a property. Its our job to ensure that your home is restored to its pre-loss condition. We also use tried and true roofing products so your roof will be even better than it was before.