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Insurance Claims for Storm & Hail Damage

Roof replacement is a costly and often frustrating process. But if your roof has been damaged by wind or hail, repair and replacement is your only option, and a roof insurance claim is most likely in your future.

Insurance payments are typically dependent upon the type of roofing materials you’ve selected, such as composition shingles, metal roofing, or tiles, along with the type of damage done to the roof.

No matter what types of materials your roof is constructed of or what type of damage has been done, Elements Roofing can assist you in preparing your roof insurance claim, and repairing or replacing any damaged areas of the system. We have in-house inspectors who stand ready to help make sure your claim process is handled correctly, in a timely manner, and with as little stress as possible for you.


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Types of Storm Damage Requiring Roof Insurance Claims

The most common type of damage requiring a roof insurance claim is hail. Obviously hail can strike nearly any area of the roof, and can also cause damage to skylights, chimney caps and other structural elements of the building. 

There are a number of factors at play when assessing the damage done, including wind speed and direction, and the size and consistency of the hailstones themselves. Surprisingly, even relatively small stones can cause more damage than expected to your roof.

Wind damage is also a factor in roof insurance claims.Your shingles take a beating during the high winds we experience regularly on the Colorado Plains, with potential damage starting with sustained wind speeds of 50 MPH. Wind can work its way under the corners or edge of a shingle and pry them up or rip them off completely, leaving your roof exposed and prone to leaks.

“Lifting,” can also be a factor requiring roof shingle repair. The shingles may look intact and watertight from the ground, but in fact, high winds can create a suction effect, lifting large sections of shingles, loosening nails and compromising the sealant. 

Blown limbs and other debris can also cause damage to your roof.

Filing a Roof Insurance Claim

If you have roof damage requiring insurance, knowing how the process will go can help you reduce stress. Keep in mind that insurance claims don’t typically cover normal wear and tear on the roof. 

First, find out what’s covered. Contact your provider now – before damages occur – to confirm that your policy will cover the full repair or roof replacement cost, and if there are restrictions regarding the age of your roof. 

Some plans offer coverage up to the depreciated value of the roof as determined by its age, others only cover the damaged areas at the time of the claim. You may need an additional policy to cover water damage. Again, the easiest way to determine what your policy covers is to contact your agent. 

Secondly, inspect your damage. This is where a reliable roofer in Sterling Colorado can step in to help. We offer comprehensive roofing inspection services, and can provide a written report and photographic documentation, which you can file along with your claim. 

Remember, there can be hidden damages that are not readily visible from the outside as well, and only a trained roofing expert will be able to assist you in detecting these issues. During this part of the process we can start putting together our repair or replacement estimate as well. 

Photos are another way to strengthen your claim. Typically, pictures supplement the roof inspection report, and again a trained roofing expert from Elements will be able to assist you. We’ll know where to look for damage, and can offer a written explanation to supplement the photos.

Finally, when you have all the documentation assembled and your certain of what your policy covers, it’s time to contact your insurance company. You’ll receive a claim reference number and an agent will be assigned to work with you. Remember to keep bills, receipts, and estimates, and don’t wait too long to file the claim, as there may be a filing deadline.

Next, you’ll submit the inspection report and repair estimates to the claims adjuster. Once the insurer reviews the claim, they will reject or approve it. If you believe the amount is too low, you may appeal the amount.

Remember, Elements Roofing has insurance claims experts in house and we can step in to assist at any stage of this confusing and intimidating process.

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